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The Program

The Brisbane Early Parenting Centre offers an early intervention program designed to help parents create a strong emotional bond with their baby.

The specialist nurses at Brisbane Early Parenting Centre will teach parents the best approaches to sleep and settling skills. This approach is relevant for infants and children up to 18 months of age. The method involves Responsive Settling Techniques, including educating parents in establishing positive routines, observation of tired signs and setting up positive sleep associations.

Responsive settling is a gentle approach to interpreting your baby's cries and then responding appropriately to help them in getting to sleep. We work in partnership with you in finding the best way for you and what you are comfortable with in achieving your goals. The process may vary in length of time, as children are all very unique and individual in their needs.

We will work with families to ascertain what they would like to achieve during the program by identifying the parents' strengths to achieve success.

The program will involve individual support, advice and education and group sessions. During the program there will be the opportunity for partners to attend a group session in the evening.

In addition to meeting the individual needs of our parents, group sessions at the Brisbane Early Parenting Centre will run daily on the following topics:

  • Sleep and settling information;
  • Nutrition and family eating;
  • Baby massage;
  • Circle of Security/Attachment Parenting;
  • Adjustment to parenting;
  • Feeding/breastfeeding (as required);

When is the program conducted?

Our 4 night program has a rolling intake where no more than 2 babies are admitted each day. This allows for a more personalised program. Our admission time is 12:30pm and discharge is 8:30am.

Once a parent has committed to the residential program they are expected to stay for the full program, unless the baby or the mother becomes unwell and needs to be discharged early. In this case the parent can re-book and attend when well.

Group session for partners:

We will hold an evening session for partners on a Tuesday and Friday at 6.30pm. We encourage partners or other family members to attend. We provide partners with a complimentary dinner if they do attend. Dinner arrives at 5pm.

The Program