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Know My Midwife

At North West Private Hospital, we’re well-known for our excellent ‘Know My Midwife’ Program.

The program gives mums-to-be and their partners the very best in midwifery continuity of care through the coordination of regular antenatal appointments, support during labour and birth, as well as postnatal care up to six weeks – in collaboration with your chosen participating obstetrician (check with your obstetrician).

At your regular Know My Midwife appointments, we provide education and you’ll have the opportunity to talk through questions in a relaxed environment.

Watch a couple of our midwives talk about this program, and the difference it makes in the lives of parents-to-be:

How does the Know My Midwife Program work?

The Know My Midwife team of midwives and your participating obstetrician will share your care. They will provide you and your loved ones with individual support and follow you through your journey into motherhood.

There is no out of pocket cost to participate in the Know My Midwife program.

What does the Know My Midwife Program offer?

  • Midwifery care by highly skilled midwives
  • Midwifery team continuity of care
  • Collaborative care model between your chosen obstetrician and midwife
  • Support for mothers-to-be & partners
  • Antenatal care
  • Antenatal classes
  • Labour & birth care, including education around what to expect
  • Postnatal care up to 6 weeks
  • Parenting education & support
  • Breastfeeding education & support
  • Access to lactation consultants and postnatal clinic at North West Private Hospital


How do I participate in the Know My Midwife program?

Discuss the Know My Midwife program with your participating obstetrician (from as early as your first appointment). Contact the North West Private Hospital Maternity Care Navigator as early as possible to make a booking. Please complete the online form below.

I understand that information I submit will be handled in accordance with the Ramsay Health Care Privacy Policy.

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