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Booking and Before Your Stay

We look forward to welcoming you at North West Private Maternity.

If you haven’t already, download our free Maternity Information Pack which provides valuable insights.

We encourage you to contact our Maternity Care Navigator to arrange a personal tour of our Maternity Unit and learn more. She is contactable by phone (07) 3246 3777 (she works Monday to Thursday so please leave a message) or email

Booking in

1 Confirm your pregnancy with your GP and request a referral to the obstetrician of your choice at North West Private Hospital. You can view a list of our obstetricians here.

Check with your private health fund that you are insured for obstetric care and your level of cover includes care for your baby should they need our Special Care Nursery. Different policies have different inclusions and exclusions and not all admission types may be covered. For example, if you are expecting a multiple birth, you will definitely need family cover, as a second or subsequent baby requires admission as an individual.

Out of pocket costs and rates for self-funding are available should you choose North West Private Hospital regardless of your level of cover. You can read more about costs below on this page.

3 The obstetrician will give you a patient booking-in folder.

Complete the North West Private Hospital online admission form to confirm your booking.

We offer the convenience of online admission to enable you to provide your details at a time that suits you. You’ll need the following information handy when you fill in your form:

  • Personal/Next of Kin details
  • Medicare card number
  • Funding details (eg. private health insurance or self funding)
  • Relevant item numbers if these were provided by your doctor’s rooms

If you have any problems completing your form online please call 1800 555 549 between 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday or send an email to

Cost considerations

Private health insurance – are you covered?

Confirmation of your private health fund details is your responsibility as a patient. If you are a member of a health fund it is important to contact your fund prior to your admission and seek to confirm the following:

That your level of private health insurance adequately covers the cost of the procedure and accommodation, as outlined in the Online Admission Form, for example:

  • Is your newborn baby covered by the policy eg, if your baby needs to be admitted to the Special Care Nursery?
  • Is an excess payable for this admission?

If you have had private health insurance for less than 12 months your fund may not accept liability for the costs of this admission, for example:

  • If you have not served the required waiting period imposed by your health fund. This may be important, particularly with regard to the date you joined and when the fund will fully cover your pregnancy-related condition, admission and delivery.
  • If your condition or any symptoms of your condition existed prior to you joining the fund. If there is a question regarding pre-existing symptoms or conditions your health fund has the option to obtain details regarding these from your GP or specialist.

Outpatient fees

There may be some out of pocket fees if you present as an outpatient.

Due to costs associated with the number of patients presenting to the Maternity Unit for assessment without requiring admission, we have had to introduce a fee to cover this service. The cost will be charged per visit which is an out of pocket expense (ie, not refundable from your health fund or Medicare). This fee is payable at reception and should you present after hours an account will be sent to you. This fee will be charged for any assessment for which you are treated as an outpatient of the hospital − that is, you’re not admitted.

We offer a wide range of outpatient services that your doctor may recommend during your pregnancy including:

  • CTG monitoring
  • Ultrasound
  • Amnisure
  • Steroid Injections
  • Foetal Fibronectin
  • Anti D / Vaccinations

These services attract varying charges. Contact our Maternity Reception Team on phone (07) 3353 7825 or for more information on fees relating to services prior to admission.

Other fees and charges

Pharmacy and pathology, imaging and x-ray may attract an additional fee. Please note that the anaesthetist, paediatrician and other allied health professional will send you a separate invoice for any services they provide while you are in hospital. Please check with your health fund if you are unsure whether these fees are covered.

Payment procedures

Private patients – the portion of your estimated hospital account not covered by your health fund − eg, an excess − must be paid on admission. Any additional costs incurred during your stay are payable prior to discharge eg, discharge pharmacy costs and some investigations.

Uninsured patients – total payment (aside from any ancillary charges) is required 6 weeks prior to your admission. Your admission may be refused if payment is not complete.

Other costs which may be incurred during your stay are payable on discharge. Please bring provision for payment of these fees when you come to hospital.

Payment can be made by cash, credit card (except Diners and American Express) or EFPTOS (please check your daily withdrawal limit).