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Day Patient

Day Rehabilitation involves individually tailored rehabilitation in one-on-one individual therapies and exercise groups in a friendly and empowering environment. A range of Day Patient Rehabilitation Programs are available – whether to regain strength and endurance, help with walking or everyday activities, to help manage pain, rehabilitation for neurological issues, and more.

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Who would benefit?

The day patient rehabilitation program is for any person who has had an illness, surgery or a long hospital stay and requires a multidisciplinary team approach to assist with their recovery. The program is designed to help you recover and assist you to live independently in the community or prepare to return to leisure, work or other lifestyle pursuits. Anyone who is deconditioned and finding it harder to carry out day to day tasks, who have had falls or are experiencing chronic or persistent pain.

What does the program involve?

You will be assessed by a rehabilitation specialist prior to commencing the rehabilitation program. Once accepted, allied health professionals will tailor an individualised therapy program to suit your goals.

Programs may include input from physiotherapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology and more, depending on requirements.

How long are the programs?

Frequency and length of the program is determined by your needs but is generally 3 hrs, twice a week for between 4-6 weeks. You will be advised of your appointment times when booking.

What will it cost?

In most instances private health insurance or Department of Veterans Affairs will cover the cost of the program. We always check with the health fund to make sure there is no excess or co-payment and if there is, we discuss this with you before proceeding.

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