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After-birth Support

At North West Private Hospital, you can access experience that counts, even after birth.

Know My Midwife Program

Mothers participating in our Know My Midwife Program receive postnatal care via scheduled appointments up to six weeks after birth. Women love forming a relationship with a ‘known’ midwife and our midwife team throughout their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

Please bring your Medicare Card. Bulk-billed appointments. 

Brisbane Early Parenting Centre

The Brisbane Early Parenting Centre at North West Private Hospital works in partnership with families over a four night residential stay. The baby is the ‘patient’ and support can include infant feeding, sleep and development while strengthening parental confidence. Families are welcome with babies up to 2 years of age.

Learn more about the experienced team and beautiful facilities of our Brisbane Early Parenting Centre and watch our video here.