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Your Stay

The birth of your baby and the days following are a very special time. At North West Private Maternity we work to ensure your stay with us is as restful and relaxing as possible.

Your length of stay will depend on your individual birth experience. On average, patients who experience a vaginal birth stay two to four days while patients who give birth by Caesarean section stay between three and five days.


Partners are welcome at all times in our Maternity Unit to support you and bond with your new baby. They are welcome to stay and also enjoy complimentary meals from our menu with you.

What to bring to hospital

We recommend you do not bring jewellery or large amounts of money to hospital as provision for safe custody is limited. North West Private Hospital does not accept liability for any items brought into the hospital.

Here are some things to ensure you have in your hospital bag:

  • Your health insurance details (if applicable)
  • Four packets of sanitary pads – 2 maternity, 2 regular
  • Two packets of breastfeeding (nursing) pads
  • Casual wear for day time and nightwear
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers / comfortable shoes
  • Bras (nursing bras if breastfeeding)
  • Formula (if you plan to bottle feed). We provide disposable bottles
  • Any clothes you may wish to dress your baby in and wrap for going home (we provide wraps, clothes, nappies & wipes but you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Items for use in your birthing plan (music, stress balls, essential oils etc)

Use of photo and video equipment

Information about the use of recording equipment in our birth suites and operating theatres can be found here.


Your friends and family wishing to help celebrate the birth of your new baby are welcome during visiting hours from 3pm to 8pm daily.

Between 1pm and 3pm each day, our unit provides mothers an undisturbed rest period where no phone calls and visitors are allowed in patient rooms. Partners are of course welcome at all times.

Lactation support

All our North West Private midwives are available to help you with your baby’s feeding. Whichever feeding method you choose, our staff will support your choice.

Should you require more specialised help, a lactation consultant is available Monday to Friday mornings.

Lactation classes are available Monday to Friday 9:30am to 10:30am. The nursing team can give you further information.

Keeping your baby secure

Parents are responsible for their baby’s security so please watch over your newborn and do not leave them unsupervised. Be aware of the identification worn by hospital staff to identify those who have authority to handle your child, and do not give your baby to anyone not displaying properly verified identification. Enquire if an unfamiliar person enters your room.

Your convenience

Located on the North West Private Hospital campus near the main entrance you will find Café 137 and also a Ramsay Pharmacy. The café is open Mondays to Fridays and Saturday mornings and early afternoons.

Just up the road is North West Plaza shopping centre which offers a supermarket and a range of speciality shops, for your convenience.

Discharge from hospital

Discharge time is 9.00am−9.30am, unless there are medical circumstances preventing this.

Please make arrangements for your support person to attend the hospital when you are discharged.

It’s important to ensure your baby capsule/car seat has been correctly fitted and checked, before departure.