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What to expect during labour

Going into labour can be exciting but uncertain time for you and your family and support people. Our experienced midwives aim to provide you and your baby the best care possible and will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

As soon as you are admitted to one of our birth suites we begin to monitor you and your baby . As part of our standard procedure for maternity patients a cardiotocograph, or CTG, is performed on admission to establish a baseline of data for both mother and baby. The CTG is a non-invasive monitoring test that measures your baby’s heart rate and your contractions electronically.

The CTG and other methods of monitoring may be used intermittently throughout your labour so we can provide you with optimum care. You can read about our range of monitoring methods in the Monitoring your baby page of this website.

Labour is an emotional and exhausting experience and you may feel excited, scared, frustrated and overjoyed along the way. Our experienced and caring team of midwives are there for you and your support person and will help wherever possible to make your labour as stress free as they can.