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Your Individual Birth Plan

A birth plan is a way some people choose to help communicate their wishes on how they would like to manage their labour and childbirth. It can include topics such as pain relief, birthing positions, support people and your views on interventions should they be required.

It is very important that you discuss your plan with your obstetrician prior to your admission and our midwives and nursing staff when you arrive at hospital. This will give your care team the opportunity to let you know what we have available to meet your wishes and what is safe and practical according to your individual circumstances.

While birth plans can be comforting and informative, sometimes interventions can be required. We ask that you be flexible and be prepared to do things differently if we need to deviate from your plan – our top priority is the health of you and your baby. If intervention is required your obstetrician/midwife will explain why the intervention is necessary and the associated risks and benefits of the intervention.

Here some examples of planning tools that might be useful, click here.