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North West Private Hospital specialist Min Kho

Dr Min Kho

As a member of Queensland Fertility Group and an avid advocate for IVF, Dr Koh has a keen interest in making the dreams of couples with fertility issues come true. “Coming from my own experience of having trouble falling pregnant I think it is such a great achievement to help a woman fall pregnant and if I can then help them through the pregnancy as well, its such a unique opportunity” says Dr Koh.
Min believes that the best care for all her patients is one that is individualised and provides continuity of care. Every journey of pregnancy is truly unique and, at times, difficult and its at these times that Dr Koh really shines. With her highly approachable nature and friendly demeanour you will feel you have a Obstetrician who really cares about you and your parenthood journey.
Fertility consultations and investigations
Fertility treatments including cycle tracking, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, IVF
Gynaecological consultation and treatment, including Mirena insertion, hysteroscopy & laparoscopy
Obstetrics care and delivery

Min offers consultations in English or Mandarin
English Gb, Mandarin